Design by Humans - Cthul-Aid

“Cthul-Aid Man” Kool-Aid/Cthulhu Mashup T-Shirt

by Liz, April 27, 2015

Design by Humans - Cthul-Aid T-Shirt

Design by Humans: Cthul-Aid T-shirt

Price: $24.00

It’s R’lyeh refreshing, you guys!

Okay, that joke was bad, even for me. I’m not sure H. P. Lovecraft appreciated just how ubiquitous (also: cute) everyone’s favourite madness-inducing elder god was going to become, but Cthulhu is here and here to stay. Unless you have a large brick wall somewhere because in that case he’ll be there, uh, smashing it.

Oh yeaaaah…

Cthul'Aid Cthulhu T-Shirt

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