Alhagna-Uybays III

Elucid – Yellow Star System – 3-Tier Economy | High Voltage – Threat: Moderate – Gek – 5 Planets

Alhagna-Uybays III is a Gek-controlled system with a humming economy, a moderate threat rating, and a handful of interesting fauna.



Tufield XVI

Two large carnivorous animals stand as if posing for the camera. They are green, bipedal lizards, like dinosaurs. One has gill-like fins on its back. The other has a friendly-looking bird's beak and looks like it's smiling. The world around them is a lush orange.Tufield XVI is a balmy, tropical planet with towering mushrooms, rolling orange bioluminescent hills, and a sparkling array of very angry animals. Within minutes of my arrival, a large beaked dinosaur was chewing on my arm. It turns out the N. Stalkiupae (adjacent) stands bolt upright in death, as is evidenced by these two specimens I shot repeatedly in the face.

When shopping for spaceships, try the Trading Post (-53.18, -70.54).

Portal Address: 11E1FE6C41DF (decode here)

Locations: Crashed hauler (+17.66, +25.54), crashed fighter (+74.70, +59.26)


A lush alien landscape with green grasses and bulbous white-barked trees topped with palm-like purple leaves. Several chistled stone plateaus tower in the background.Igginal is a gorgeous place with rustling purple trees, high plateaus, and lush green grass, but it’s also one of those planets where the sentinels are mad as hell and the weather is terrible. The local wildlife hate me personally.

Portal Address: 31E1FE6C41DF (decode here)

Noteworthy Residents: Y. Pollenhiprea, a horned, six-legged dog with fins. Also, whatever this weird preying mantis crab is.

Beppu 72/J1

A reddish, dry alien landscape, looking down from a ridge to a flat, wide valley. The ridge is spotted with strange plants, like twisting purple tentacles and short green cacti. A few large bowl-shaped rocks are rimmed with bright red fungus.Beppu 72/J1 is heavily irradiated and simultaneously bleak and spotted with purple spikes, tendrils, and growths. Not much to write home about, unless you enjoy tiny, glowing turtles (B. Bluaigaea).



Hugat is a flourishing planet that has some of the funniest animals I have seen in a long time. One variant of A. Copelmatoe looks an axe with personality. Another is a delightful beluga whale with bird legs, scales, and functionally useless insectoid wings. And then there’s the elf-eared bear with what looks like a circular saw blade embedded in its back (X. Footcokinium).

An animal walks across a gently sloping red-grassed hill. It has a domed head, beady black eyes, and a wide mouth like a beluga whale. It has no arms, just small insectoid wings and long, bird-like legs. It is a mottled purple and tan-green colour.

The planet itself is dominated by red grasslands pocked with deep craters often filled with water.

Portal Address: 51E1FE6C41DF (decode here)

Locations: Crashed hauler (+30.15, -53.66)


An animal (technically) floats in front of a dull red landscape scattered with clusters of artificial-looking black-metal shapes. The animal is a glowing circle of light. The outer circle is white, its center is red. It is semi-translucent.Iann is a mechanical planet. As with other boundary failure planets, unless you’re looking for collectibles it gets old fast. The local fauna is a glowing red orb of light called a P. Monkelbosa that apparently has brain parasites somehow.


As a Gek system, Alhagna-Uybays III has 7 haulers, 7 shuttles, 3 fighters, 3 explorers, and 1 exotic.


This exotic spaceship is shaped like a grey ball with two smaller balls (thrusters) on either side.

JT4 Uenoh

This grey, sub-nosed ball exotic features silver filigree, black-capped thrusters, and twin engines. It took so long to spawn that I bought it just so I could watch it disintegrate.



Described in adjacent text.

Nomachi’s Towering Conqueror

This upright red and grey explorer has a large decorative orb bolted to either side. Because I am old, it reminds me of Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

Described in adjacent text.

Gravity Forge PS9

This upright grey and white/tan upright explorer has nifty x-wing style wings and, even better, the wings have spikes! Perfect for all your spiked wing needs.

Described in adjacent text.

Soaring Udamat VII

This unimpressive grey/brown and blue insectoid explorer has small upright fins bolted to either side. Not enough spikes. 0/10. Would not recommend.




Described in adjacent text.

Isshir FD4

I’m not that keen on the cigar-nosed fighters, but this split-wing fighter is an exception. The colour is closer to sand than yellow. Feels very appropriate for desert combat.

Described in adjacent text.

Obihir of the Vy’keen

This slant-nosed brown and military green fighter feels like it’s also keeping to a real world combat theme. The diamond wings are nifty, even as the dorsal fin is impractical.

Described in adjacent text.

OA9 Suwakun

Point-nosed red and white/grey fighter jet go brrrrr. It has a ridiculous number of red fins (7!) and wings, which is the exact correct amount to have.



Described in adjacent text.

Bananyu CF5

This red and blue curve-nosed hauler has some areas where the internal mechanisms are exposed. Neat.

Described in adjacent text.

DZ2 Tashizun

The distinct red and sickly guacamole green colour scheme of this curve-nosed, angled hauler makes it stand out. Whether or not this is a good thing is a matter of personal preference

Described in adjacent text.

Nonoichi PW2

I think in my notes I had this as “blue box thiccboy”, which is about as good a description as anything. Compact and tall instead of long, this hauler feels more like a shuttle.

Described in adjacent text.

TK1 Munatoka (1st wave)

This yellow and red curve-nosed hauler has exposed panels and hefty engines and curved wings bolted to its sides.

Described in adjacent text.

Visionary Miraka XIX

More secondary engines and curved wings, but this time the height on those wings are frankly ridiculous. Hauler itself is red, chunky, and has a box cockpit.

Described in adjacent text.

Airborne Aishiwa VI (1st wave)

This off-white hauler is about as close to an actual RV as is probably available in No Man’s Sky, down to the brown decals on the side.

Described in adjacent text.

Anoyabe Surveyor IV

This green, brown, and blue hauler has very Earth Day vibes.  The vents on the curved wings are pretty neat.



This shuttle has a flat, paddle-like back that resembles the shape of a cuttlefish's body. It also has small wings.

Degawaj’s Ancestral Spirit

This white and eggshell-blue shuttle is a fantastic entry for anyone who doesn’t have a Living Ship but still really, really wants to fly around looking like a giant mutant cuttlefish.

Described in adjacent text.

Auray’s Ultimate Trailblazer

Sometimes I dread describing shuttles. It’s red, it’s white, it looks like a lunchbox, and it has narrow wings. Can we pretend that’s good enough?

Described in adjacent text.

Deram UQ3

This orange and white shuttle also looks like a lunchbox, but this time the wings are better proportioned and there are little nubs on the front.

Described in adjacent text.

EU8 Nobeok

This lemon and white shuttle is a dual-cigar model with small y-shaped wings.

Described in adjacent text.

Ruokam War-Spear XVII

This mint-green lunchbox shuttle has chunky wings, each tipped with a single circular thruster.

Described in adjacent text.

Tenrido LJ7 (1st wave)

This white and aquamarine shuttle is surprisingly compact as a single cigar shuttle goes. Its little wings are cute.

Described in adjacent text.

WO6 Ogawachi

This mint-green shuttle features a long, single cigar engine. Look upon its little wings and despair.


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