The planet at night with bioluminescent infested plants and purple-blue long-tailed butterflies

Elucid – Green Star System – 2-Tier Economy | Minerals – Threat: High – Gek – 4 Planets | 2 Moons

Jiedail is a green star system located in the Elucid galaxy. Populated mostly by Gek, the system can be dangerous so expect pirates. Its promising economy focuses primarily on minerals.



Saconnong XI

Flat brown alien landscape with green ocean in the background. The foliage is towering mushrooms and strange, eggsac-like glowing plants and bone-like, twisting sculptures.Affectionately described as a “caustic nightmare,” Saconnong XI is the largest planet in the system. The weather is terrible and the terrain is an ugly, muddy yellow, but where it really shines is its horrible infestation problem. Sure, it killed off all the humanoid residents, but at night the corrupted plants have a pretty bioluminescent shimmer that’s very attractive. Best planet in the system, as long as you’re not looking for conversation. Swing by one of its abandoned minor settlements for cheap dirt.

Portal Address: 10B8FE6C41E0 (decode here)

Locations: Curious mold (+25.40, +64.25), crashed fighter (-69.44, -63.92)
Noteworthy Residents: R. Oilyengrus, a gorgeous purple serpent-tailed butterfly that can feel love.

Wuker XII

Red, dusty landscape with barren hills dotted with somewhat generic alien cacti. The sky is a warm yellow.The heavily irradiated Wuker XII is one of those planets that leans hard on red. The water’s red, the dirt has a rusty red tinge to it, and the local foliage is dishwater dull. Seems more populated than the rest of the system, so the bustling local planetary archives (-29.02, +72.85) is a solid place to watch for spaceships.

Portal Address: 40B8FE6C41E0 (decode here)

Locations: Mutant plant (-4.40, +39.28) 
Noteworthy Residents: F. Cloudsatotii, an attractive red-green serpent-tailed butterfly that loves radiation and high-fibre diets. Absolutely everywhere.


Rocky, jagged mountains against an airless starry sky.Ecussiou is a dull, grey, airless planet with more sentinels than wildlife. Its only notable quality is its mountains, and whatever was underground I didn’t bother to check.

Porphy Alpha

Heavily mountainous alien landscape with egg-sac plants clinging to dead-looking dusty soil.Porphy Alpha is mountainous storm of toxic nonsense. It has storm crystals, a beetle that’s kind of cute actually, and that’s about it.

Thwic VII (moon)

Dusty-looking reddish desert covered by generic cacti.The moon Thwic VII slots comfortably into the category “space Arizona”. I picked up a couple of suspicious scanner modules from a four-eyed Gek that smelled like dead fish parked yards away from a celestial archive that seemed all but abandoned. Home to a yellow-orange serpent-tailed butterfly named D. Weeposylivosa.

Taeansey D26 (moon)

Dull, flat landscape with scattered rocks, dead soil, and an airless starry sky.The moon Taeansey D26 is described in the logs as a terraforming catastrophe, but frankly I think it was probably always terrible. If possible, avoid.


As a Gek system, Jiedail has 7 haulers, 7 shuttles, 3 fighters, 3 explorers, and 1 exotic. The local spaceport is heavily irradiated, which can impact the accuracy of paint job colours.


snub-nosed grey ball exotic ship with covered thrusters

UB4 Wadanoya

This snub-nosed ball exotic has ample golden filigree, a muted grey base coat, and features covered thrusters capped in gold.



High-backed explorer in greys and dusky purples with a single claw-wing attachment

TY9 Ikagail

Couldn’t tell you what colour this thing was if you paid me. Fine-looking upright explorer with a single decorative claw-style attachment.

Red and black insectoid explorer with tight directional thrusters

The Wings of Destruction

This red and black insectoid explorer has no wings at all, which makes me question whichever Gek named it. Still, the tiny directional thrusters are so cute. I’d love this in pink.

High-backed red explorer with a massive upright fin on either side

Burning Nemura XVIII

Parking this red upright explorer must be an actual nightmare. Those massive, decorative fins are huge.



Red-grey stub-nosed fighter with M wings

Rakir’s Lost Work

This crashed stub-nosed, grey and red split-winged fighter is available for pickup on

Saconnong XI.

Tuning fork orange and blue fighter

Kutsuc of the Sun

I love this nonsensical mess. I love its orange and blue paint job, its shield-wing design, its tuning-fork snout and its deeply pointless dorsal fin. May have to camp the S-rank.

Cigar-shaped fighter in pale blue-grey and yellow-beige

The Hawk of Inevitability

This cigar, heavily finned fighter is in muted colours hard to make out. Best guess right now is grey-blue and yellow-white.



Orange and blue shuttle, classic RV

Furakit’s Resistance CE3

This classic RV-style hauler features an attractive blue and orange paint job, dual-mounted thrusters with protective decaled sidepanels.

Tilted turquoise hauler with high thrusters

Riyawa’s Relentless Resistance

This teal curve-nosed, angled hauler has dual-mounted thrusters, clean black accents, and that slightly swerved design that makes it look like a bottle-opener.

Red and orange-beige RV style hauler

Kahara’s Colourless Pioneer

This angled RV-style hauler is a victim of the local weather conditions. Looks to be more of a yellow-beige and red combination in person. Features decorative curved fins.

Red hauler with fuel canisters

ZV9 Akkan

This red curve-nosed hauler is flanked by massive round storage containers protected by decaled, angled panels.

Red  RV style hauler with wing decorations

Favourite Song JI2

Victim of the weather. This red, flat-backed, RV-style hauler has decorative curved fins and feels the most like an RV as I think I’ve seen.

Impressive blue and yellow hauler with twin thrusters and high circular fins

Degaw’s Hyper Guardian

This yellow and blue curve-nosed, flat-backed hauler has dual mounted thrusters and massive decorative fins.

Green and white-beige hauler with box attachments

The Defeat of Infinity

This green and white curve-nosed hauler is flanked by massive storage boxes.



Red lunchbox shuttle

Soaring Konod XVII

This is one of the more interesting lunchbox shuttles I’ve seen. It sits high on top of its flared sandwich wings, and has what looks like a foot in the front. Maybe for ease of parking?

This blue and white shuttle has a box-shaped cockpit attached to two massive cylindrical thrusters.

Shunam XJ4

This grey-blue and white dual-cigar model shuttle has a number of interesting decorative elements, from weird domes and lumps to little finned wings.

This white shuttle has a boxed cockpit attached to two large cylindrical thrusters.

The Pillar of the Sun

This grey dual-cigar model shuttle includes flared sandwich wings and small decorative fins mounted on its back.

White box-shaped shuttle with narrow sandwiched wings flared at the ends.

Tranquil Nabashiy III

This grey-white, dual-pronged lunchbox shuttle sits atop narrow, flared sandwich wings. Its flares are gently curved and include a secondary cylindrical booster in either side.

Grey-blue and white box-shaped shuttle with conal decorative pieces and short sandwiched wings

Nejukures’s Gamble

This grey-blue lunchbox shuttle features a decorative foot, large conal decorative attachments, and cropped sandwich wings.

Green and white lunchbox shuttle with small, narrow wings

Munameok’s Lost Work

This grey-white and green lunchbox shuttle has small, narrow wings and mounted decorative orbs.

Orange cigar-style shuttle with narrow flared wings

Sukuchu’s Prospect

This orange lunchbox shuttle sits atop a cigar-style orange and white body and has short, flared, sandwich wings.

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