by Liz, June 25, 2014

Who are you?

Honestly, I’m not sure. My name’s Elizabeth, I’m your traditional geek-fangirl hybrid, and like most people I want way more stuff than I can afford.

Why does this site exist?

Because most of the geek product websites have a definite geek male bent to them. I mean, that’s not a bad thing, but where’s the fandom love? This site is a dumping ground for stuff I like, be it geeky or fannish or just kind of cool. Hopefully others will enjoy it, too.

What are affiliate links?

Essentially, I have an account with eBay, Amazon Affiliates and a few other companies (Sideshow Collectibles, for example) that allows me to get a small percentage commission on any purchase made through one of my links. Here’s a list of my current affiliations to date:eBay
Amazon Affiliates
Sideshow Collectibles
Design by Humans
Sun Frog Shirts

If a link is to a website not on this list, like Etsy, it is not an affiliate link. I receive no reward from highlighting artists on Etsy, apart from the warm glow of knowing I’ve helped unite someone out there with the cutest hand-painted octopus mug they’ve ever seen.

There are a lot of sites out there that are chock-a-block full of affiliate links where the webmasters have tried very hard to hide that fact from their users. This is not one of those websites. I love you guys, and I want you to know what you’re clicking.

So, this site is supposed to earn money?

Sort of. It’s an experiment in whether or not it’s possible to ethically monetize something I’d want to do anyway. I love fandom, I love stuff, and I love going, “Oooh,” and showing cool new products or crafts to my friends. This model has the potential side-benefit of paying my webhosting bills.

Do I have to use your links?

Nope! I mean, sure, you can just head over to any of these sites and find the item yourself, but for Amazon links it’s easy to edit out the affiliate tag. Just copy the URL, cut out “geekora-20”, and you’re on your way.

Where’s your terms of use and privacy policy?

This website is still pretty new and, as you can probably tell, is under construction. Right now, what I’ll say is this:This website uses Google Analytics (and cookies) to track anonymous information about users. It helps me know what people like, what people don’t like, and how people found my site in the first place. I won’t share that information with anyone.
If you give me your e-mail address for whatever reason, I won’t share it. Why? Because people who spam or sell their e-mail lists are jerks, that’s why.
Lastly, everything on this site is accurate as of the date of posting. Unfortunately, stuff is subject to change, so it might well be the product you want has changed price or is no longer available by the time you see it. Mea maxima culpa!

I have a question!

Hit me up at [email protected]! Teams of, uh, me, seated sad and alone in my apartment, are waiting to take your call!

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I'm a geek. I'm a fangirl. I like stuff -- specifically, this stuff.

Today's Weather: I don't think you people understand how unhappy I am that my favorite Mass Effect t-shirts are no longer available, you guys.

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