Elucid – Green Star System – 3-Tier Economy | Material Fusion – Threat: Low – Korvax – 5 Planets | 1 Moon

Okay, not going to lie, I didn’t get out of the local space station all that much. The main reason I travel these days is to catalogue spaceships, and I usually prefer to set up at a local trading post because the lighting is more flexible. This station, though? Pilots would not stop coming. Had the whole inventory logged in a couple of hours. Highly recommended.

One other thing: Usually I travel solo, but this time it looks like other travelers came this way before I did. If your records show a planet described below has a different name, that’s why.

Displays an orange experimental multitool in a case. The gun is circular and decorated with repeating circle motifs.Multi-tool alert! Reload on Yindustan Ibuk for a chance to find experimental multi-tool The End of Shadyz-XIX.



Nutumus Nemur

Screenshot of a moody, raining alien landscape with craggy hills and little vegetation. The hills are a muddy green. The sky is rolling red clouds and mist rises in the distanceNutumus Nemur is toxic. My first stop was a bustling local trading post but the red sky, though attractive, made ship cataloguing functionally impossible.

Heri III

An icy alien landcape featuring low, snowcapped hills and a pumpkin orange river. The skies are blue and the trees are pointy and coniferous. In the foreground, a handful of standing cylindrical rocks stick vertically out of the ground.Heri III is mostly water, unusual for an ice planet, and the hills are surprisingly forested. Good looking planet, but the interesting stuff is probably underwater and I’m too lazy to check.


Yevallingle Aguc

Shows a mountainous green alien landscape at night. There are mushrooms and funguses growing on the steep cliff. The largest mushroom, as big as a parasol, is gives off a glowing green light.  The skies are starry and green.There are mushrooms and potentially other things, but I didn’t bother to write anything down.

Locations: Trading Post (-15.87, -12.83)

Yindustan Ibuk

Shows a dry, bleak alien landscape in the middle of a firestorm. Everything is tinted red and covered with burning embers. Fires are burning. There's a transmission tower covered in smoke. Yindustan Ibuk is supposed to be a dusty planet, but I just got here and everything is on fire. The desert flora is dull brown and thin on the ground. Probably because of the fire.

Locations: Crashed hauler (-18.64, -49.79)

Ampantig G45

This alien landscape feels pink. The skies are pink and orange and the ground is pink. It's dry, there's little vegetation. Low floating islands hang on the horizon.This is a scalding planet that unimpressed me sufficiently I forgot to take notes on it. Let’s just assume it’s terrible.

Uveraltl Soja (Moon)

This alien landscape includes green grasses and big red trees spiked like... lychees? There's an alien animal in the foreground. It looks almost like a group of animals clustered together, with eleven heads, all thin blobs connected at the base. It's brown and each head has tiny white eyes.I’ll be honest, I was pretty bored with this system. But Uveraltl Soja is great! Most of the plants are covered with thick glowing seeds like strawberries or lampwork beads. The grass has a yellow iridescent shimmer. I even found this weird enochi mushroom thing!

Portal Address: 21D1732A81A8 (decode here)

Locations: Crashed shuttle (+29.82, -84.84)


As a Korvax system, Tottor’s spaceship inventory includes 7 explorers, 3 fighters, 3 haulers, 7 shuttles, and 1 exotic.


Ball exotic spaceship with blue paint and gold filigree. It has a long spiked nose, with a second spike attachment like a lance. Its upper fin is cropped and short.

Batanai’s Burning Gamble

This ball Exotic just looks like an angry bird and for some reason I’m okay with that.



Described in adjacent text.

Saoka’s Burning Sentinel

This blue and dark grey insectoid explorer has barrels mounted on either side, but little else.

Described in adjacent text.

Hayase’s Deadly Calculator

This asymmetrical dark grey and green upright explorer has one attachment–a massive claw bolted to its right side.

Described in adjacent text.

Akurora WU3

This yellow and white insectoid hauler has large decorative orbs mounted on either side.

Described in adjacent text.

The Voice of Air

This white and brown insectoid explorer is asymmetrical. Shield-like solar panels are bolted to its left side. Its right side is a thin rectangular booster with twin spiked wings bolted to its side.

Described in adjacent text.

Whispering Nemesis ZH5

This upright explorer is red and either beige or pale green. It’s hard to tell in the blue light of the space station. Symmetrical claw attachments are bolted to either side.

Described in adjacent text.

The Ashes of Sleep

This blue and aquamarine upright explorer has large decorative orbs bolted to either side. Beautiful colour combination.

Described in adjacent text.

Stellar Jieda X

This asymmetrical gray and red upright explorer has a bladed barrel installed on one side. The other is a thin rectangular secondary booster with twin spiked wings bolted to its side.



Described in adjacent text.

Rishiomi’s Raging Seeker

This white and red fighter includes a wide, blunt-nosed cokcpit and a thick body with a single engine mounted in the back. Its wings are tipped with upright diamond fins.

Described in adjacent text.

Akamot of Freedom

This steel grey fighter has a green-tipped spiked nose and circular winged boosters. Beautiful machine.

Described in adjacent text.

The Departure of the Stars

This white and orange fighter has a mid-length cigar-style nose and bulky winged boosters mounted on either side.



Described in adjacent text.

Ashes of the Inshis

I love me a good Space RV. This red and green hauler has black decals and twin boosters  bolted high on either side.

Described in adjacent text.

Kuhash YF4

This curved-nosed blue hauler has vented, curved wings with secondary fins. Features red decals painted on the sides.

Described in adjacent text.

The Voice of Souls

Of course they’d waste the most metal name on the most meh-looking hauler imaginable. This hauler is an odd beige, compact, and tall instead of long.



Described in adjacent text.

The Departure of the Wind

This blue and white shuttle is compact and looks like a lunchbox. There’s an interesting semi-circular fan bolted on the side.

Described in adjacent text.

Wings of the Kojima

The colour of this shuttle is tough to make out, but I’m guessing a pale green. Actually, there’s a lot that’s hard to make out. I think it’s a single cigar-style body, largely obscured with chunky, vented wings.

Described in adjacent text.

The Father of the Gek

This yellow and white shuttle is a single cigar model with low-mounted cylindrical boosters and low wings.

Described in adjacent text.

The Marvel of the Abyss

This red and white shuttle has distinct wide shape with small, vented wings bolted at the back. Includes a large, frontal protrusion because of course.

Described in adjacent text.

Son of the Okkai

This blue and white shuttle is just weird. It’s got a cylindrical body, but has a massive frontal attachment that seemingly glitches into it. Something seems not quite right.

Described in adjacent text.

Omori’s Redemption VU1

This yellow and white shuttle features y-shaped wings and secondary cylindrical boosters.

Described in adjacent text.

Otsum’s Flight

This red and white shuttle has twin cigar body and all sorts of spiky, ancillary wings, vents, and boosters.

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